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Socialvibe is really interesting when it comes to debates over sexuality, and whether being gay/bi is morally right. I think it's obvious which side i was on.
Anyway, after getting sick of people repeating everyone else's arguments and getting overly aggressive and inconsiderate. I decided I'd come and post on my lj instead. They don't seem to understand the concept of respecting other's opinions.
God is different to everyone, and no one should be put down for believing in him. I can be bisexual and believe in god at the same time. I don't think sexuality and love is something you can control and therefore there is no reason god would disapprove of his own creation. He made me this way, he can deal with it, to put it simply. I also don't believe in hating god/religion because of certain people's interpretation of it. Of course there's going to be corruption (we are human), and the bible is very obviously made for it's time and for those people so it cannot be interpreted literally for today. I actually don't believe in the bible much, but I do believe in an all loving god, mostly because it's something that obviously does not make logical sense if you think about it but something I've always believed in. I know my belief is irrational, but I'm starting to think it really doesn't need to be rational anymore. Love is love. Belief is belief.
Apparently I'm an idealist.
I like debating morals and philosphical conversations. It's something that I can understand and comprehend easily. It's been successfully taking my mind off current situations. Situations where when I think about it I think of questions, and those questions just generate more questions. I've found apart of myself that I have been thoroughly ignoring, and now it's completely useless to know it's there at all. All it's done is hurt me, give me false hope so it can go right ahead and crush over and over. Now it's just getting bloody irritating. I may go back to ignoring it and maybe it'll fade away. But I'm scared of that happening. I don't want it to go away, even though all it does is make my life more complicated. I'm so very confused.
Yeah, this probably didn't make any sense to you but I feel better posting it :).


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