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All I want to do right now is sit infront of a fire, relaxed with my friends, and my guitar, with the stars shining silver light above us, and the cresent moon glowing in the sky. In a place far from civilisation. A place where all you have to worry about is when your marshmellow falls into the fire.
And leaning on the ones I love the most.
That was quiet random.

Well I have really fucked up dreams. I tell everyone about them, cuz for some reason i must advertize my weirdness. But yeah, I seem to remember my dreams better then events that happen in my life, so I decided to try and write something (not sure what) based on my dreams. It's seriously fucked up. But at least it's original. Btw, according to my dreams you shouldn't eat macca's chips.
Anyway, I'm gonna stay up late tonight and keep JJ company online cuz she's at her dad's place....and that place is the very definition of dreary. She's also been writing a few things for me to read and edit, all of which were good and pulled me in. They also left me with something to think about and gave me a train of thought that I'm now gonna spam you guys with. Blame jj. Not me.
So. The human brain and evolution. This actually goes on for a fuckload of time, so I'm gonna just write it in a nutshell.

Stereotyping, labells, all that pointless, cruel and useless jazz.
How did we get to this?
We went from facing physical hardship in caves, to trying to keep each other alive, and trying to get our children grow up fast. But we didn't have an emo, a nerd, a jock and a skank as cave people. (We would probably be extinct if that was the case).
But our brains evolved, from the simple extinct to survive, to the industrial revolution to computers and such. But with our intelligence came an arrogance that is trade mark human. But I'm starting to believe that this arrogance is another survival instinct: to defend ourselves from other people. Because as our brains developed, we began to catagorize things in a logical and rational manner, thereby making it easier to retrieve information and interpret the reality around us. We began to apply this to the people around us. People who dress this way can be labelled this, therefore I can recognise this type later. But it doesn't work. Because we're not all the same, so if we decide we don't like a certain type of person due to the actions of a few, then we shun and be cruel to the rest of them. Those who could be genuinly nice and good people. But if we don't fit into a stereotype then we are shunned because then people can't understand and rationalize them into a catagory like everyone else. They fear this because it doesn't fit in with their logical framework, and therefore they can't accept it. Without the catagorizing, we could actually get along so much better, we could be more peaceful. We want to survive against each other and we can't seem to survive unless we fit in. So we conform to a stereotype. I'm generalizing, im not saying everyone is like this. And I'm sorry if this offended anyone, I'm just a little cynical atm. There are those people who dont do this. And they're the people worth living for.

Sometimes I can't stand the fact that I'll always only be second best. Sometimes it just hurts that I can't seem to stop waiting for you, and all that'll do for me is make me all alone and old and regretful and bitter. But I wait anyway, like a fucking little puppy dog. I don't want to be with you if I'm not the one you really want. I don't want ot be with you if I'm only there to take away the lonliness, because you can never really love me. Or any of this bullshit. Always follow my heart. Fuck but I know I'll be with you anyway, even if i know im second best. Even if I know you don't love me. But I guess my love isn't flimsy like I though love was.


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