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muzic_kid's Journal

What do I say.
Well currently I happen to be attending Daramalan College and I'm also listening to Gingerbread Coffin by Rasputina. It's full of sexellence.
Anyway, I'm in year 11, have a huge interest in wolves (for some bizarre reason), the occult, the supernatural (I'm not a ghostbuster or anything equally ridiculous, I just happen to have an interest in that area), music and books. I'm also way too loud with no tact, and believe me that is not a good mix.I can be overly blunt, it can be good or bad. I can't concentrate in class for more then a few minutes. Mostly cuz teachers just sort of cr*p on about nothing. My favourite hobby is singing, reading and writing. I also like to draw, but I'm not brilliant at it. And I really have absolutely no idea what else to write so there you go.
10 years, 3 days grace, 3 doors down, 30 seconds to mars, a perfect circle, abba, ac/dc, across the universe, alkaline trio, all american rejects, aqua, atreyu, avenged sevenfold, basshunter, billy talent, bloodhound gang, bon jovi, breaking benjamin, bullet for my valentine, cartel, christina aguilera, clothes, daft punk, dandy warhols, day to remember, dead by april, deathstars, delta goodrem, demon hunter, desden dolls, dionsyos, distillers (sort of), disturbed, drawing, drowning pool, drycell, eighteen visions, emanuel, escape the fate, evanescence, fallout boy (older stuff), finch, flogging molly, flyleaf, from first to last, funeral for a friend, garbage, genitorturers, goo goo dolls, good charlotte (old stuff), goodnight nurse, greenday, grendel, gun's n roses, h.i.m, halfcooked, happy hard core, happy raver, hard creation, hawthorne heights, human resource, i am ghost, il nino, iron maiden, jack off jill, jack's mannequin, jodi piccoult, judas priest, karnivool, katy perry, kids in glass houses, kill hannah, killswitch engage, korn, lacuna coil, limp bizkit, linkin park, madina lake, marilyn manson, masters of ceremony, matchbox romance, matchbox twenty, mayday parade, metallica, mindless self indulgence, mozart season, mudvayne (kinda), muse, my chemical romance, neil gaimen, neophyte, nightwish, nine inch nails, nirvana, no doubt, orgy, otep, panic at the disco, paramore, pink, pink floyd, placebo, puddle of mud, rammstein, rasputina, regina spektor, repeat offender, rise against, rob zombie, sam sparrow, saosin, savage garden, scooter, shinedown, silverchair, singing, skillet, slipknot, something corporate, spiderbait, stabbing westward, static x, story of the year, sum 41, supernatural, system of a down, taking back sunday, tatu, the butterfly effect, the corrs, the cranberries, the keeper, the killers, the living end, the medic droid, the offspring, the presets, the prodigy, the ramones, the scene aesthetic, the used, the veronicas, twilight, utada hikaru, wanting tattoos., wedesday 13, within temptation, writing, yellowcard, zombie girl